This weekend has been a good weekend for learning more about the history of our home.  We came home from work on Friday and found that the previous owners had dropped off the abstract for the house (which they hadn’t been able to locate when we bought the house last fall).  Up until now, we’ve been going just based on what the previous owner and some neighbors had been telling us about the people who had lived here before us.  It’s kind of nice to have the official record now.

The documentation goes back to the 1800’s, long before the house we live in was built, clear up through the people we bought the house from.  We’ve only skimmed through most of it, but have been really surprised at all of the detail that’s included.  One of the couples that lived here in the 70s got a divorce and all of heir divorce papers are included in the abstract.  We also figured out that the address of the house changed at some point in the 70s when some lots were sold.  We’d suspected that this might have been the case, but now we have what the address was before.  It also looks like a local company owned the house for a while in the 1930’s.  It’s a little hard to piece together the full story from the abstract, but on first review, it looks like the person who owned the house at the time owed a large sum of money to the company and the house was used as partial payment.  Now that we have some names and dates to work with, it should be easier to start doing more research from here … it will be exciting to be able to piece it all together a little better.

This afternoon, we also had a surprise visit from a woman who was the daughter of a couple that owned the house from 1975 to 1978.  She walked all around the yard and the house and told us lots of interesting things about how the house was then in comparison to how it is today.  It sounds like the basic structure has remained unchanged.  During the 3 years that her family was here, they put in the swimming pool in the back yard (apparently complete with a cabana that made the front page of the local newspaper twice as it was being transported through town to the back yard).  They also completely re-did the kitchen to the layout it had at the time that the people who lived here before us bought the house.  It sounds like she had the entire third floor as her bedroom, but it had a different layout at the time with a couple more closets and a separate bedroom & living room space.

We’re excited to find out more about our house.  With everything we’ve learned this weekend, hopefully researching more about the history of the home will be a much easier job.

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One thought on “More on the History of our House

  1. Tom Bilbo says:

    Great that you’re learning about your house. I’m going through some of the same searches on the history for my house too. I’ve found that the city directories at our public library help out a great deal. They are a great resource.
    I’ve put together a general history of my house here –
    I’ve found by having this online, it’s helpful when I find something new I can go on and update the post right there.
    Good luck in your search!

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