Wildlife in Our Yard

Since we’ve moved in, we’ve seen a lot of wildlife in our yard … and even what we haven’t seen, we’ve known has been there while we’re sleeping. We wake up in the morning to find the cat’s food bowl broken, flowers dug out of the pots on the deck, pool toys ruptured, or the water bags around the pool shredded and drug away. Last night was the first night, though, that we saw at least one of the culprits. Around dusk, a raccoon came sauntering down the driveway by the house and promptly made himself comfortable on the front step munching on cat chow.

Only about 15 minutes after we chased the raccoon away (temporarily at least – the cat’s bowl was empty and upset when we got up this morning), we looked outside and saw a buck emerging from the ravine. He stood on the driveway for a while and then meandered back down the hill.

I’m always amazed when we see wildlife like this in our yard considering that we live in the middle of a city … it really makes me wonder what else is roaming around our yard that we haven’t spotted!

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