Our New Pool Robot …

… is just about the coolest thing ever!

We’d been researching pool robots for a while and we finally broke down and bought one a couple of weeks ago. We wound up purchasing the Aquabot Turbo T “Bearbot” and it seems to do a pretty good job. It crawls the bottom and sides of the pool, scrubbing them and vacuuming up any debris and also filters about 5000 gallons of water an hour in addition to what the normal pool filter is doing, so it helps the pool water feel cleaner overall in addition to making sure that the bottom stays clean.

For our 17′ x 34′, approximately 25,000 gallon pool, it takes about 2 hours for the Aquabot to cover the whole pool in a pretty random pattern that can be fairly frustrating to watch, but it seems to eventually cover all of the dirty spots. We don’t really have any problems with the robot getting hung up on anything, although we have a pretty simple oval pool with no ladders or anything, so it’s probably one of the simpler pools for the robot to clean.

Before purchasing the Aquabot, we did some research online for a bunch of different pool cleaners. We were between the Aquabot Turbo T, Aquabot Turbo T2, and the Blue Diamond robots and we wound up purchasing the Turbo T mostly because it was the one that we found in stock at one of the local pool stores. According to the salespeople at a couple of the stores we looked at and also according to what we’d read online, it sounds like it’s normal for all three models of robots to need maintenance relatively frequently, which is covered by warranty for the first few years, depending on the model. So, we decided that we would rather spend a little more purchasing a robot locally from a dealer that also services them rather than having to worry about shipping it back and forth to the manufacturer for service if we purchased it online.

So far, we’re pretty happy with the purchase. It’s saving a lot of time that we would be spending vacuuming the pool otherwise and it does a lot better job than what we were ever able to figure out how to do manually.

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