Flocculated Pool Water!

Our problematic cloudy pool water from a few days ago is a thing of the past! The flocculant that we added to the pool water a couple of days ago did an amazing job of combining all of the dust and dead algae in the water into larger particles that sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Flocculated Pool Water

After about 18 hours with the filter turned off, the water was back to being clear and the bottom of the pool was layered in grayish-white dust, which you can kind of make out in the picture above. After vacuuming everything that had settled to the bottom of the pool to waste (to avoid clogging the filter with all of the extra debris), we shocked the pool one more time and added one more dose of clarifier to make the water crystal clear. And now, thank goodness, we’re back to a normal maintenance plan on the pool … hopefully we’ll manage to not have any algae problems this time.

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