New Patio Furniture

The patio furniture we ordered for our deck arrived this morning. After about 4 hours of work to assemble everything, it’s definitely looking like a big improvement over the empty deck we had when we started.

We ordered the 7-piece dining set, 2 chaise lounges, and a set of nesting tables from the River Stone Collection and the 4-piece seating set from the Buckingham Collection – all from Sears. Everything came with some assembly required, but none of it was that difficult. The instructions were pretty clear – it probably took us longer to unwrap everything and clean up all of the packing material than it did to actually put everything together.

We need to work on arranging everything some more – I think the chaise lounges may wind up moving out to the pool area and we need to find a new home for the grill, but here are some pictures:

Unassembled Patio Furniture

Seating Set

Chaise Lounges

Table and Chairs

New Deck Furniture

I placed an order tonight for a couple of deck boxes too. We ordered the Suncast DB9750 Ultra-Large Storage Bench, which will go on the deck and hold the cushions for the seating set when it’s not in use (to keep them from getting nasty and wet when it rains). The other deck box is a Suncast DB7000W Deck Box with Wheels that we’ll put out by the pool to store the chemicals and pool accessories in. It’ll be so nice when they come – our back porch is getting awfully crowded with us trying to store everything there!

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