We placed our order for some new shades for the master bedroom last week. The ones that had been there were lace covered pleated shades that looked ok, but they were pretty dirty and a couple of them had broken strings, so we decided not to put them back up after the painter was done. He did a really good job filling the holes where they had been, so we didn’t have to worry about covering any damage to the trim with the new window treatments, which is really nice.

We decided to go with cellular shades for their insulating value and also because they stack so compactly at the top of the window when they’re raised. We looked at the Bali blinds, but wound up ordering Levolor shades instead because we wanted light blocking ones and the colors available in the Levolor Evening Stars collection seemed a lot truer than the Bali equivalents which had more of a gray metallic hue. We ordered them in the color below (called Sand), which is a similar shade to the new paint color.

bedroom shades

The first quote we got was from a local store that was running what seemed like some pretty good sales. I looked online just for good measure and found that I could save over $100 on the entire order, so I ordered online just a few days ago and already got the notification that the blinds have shipped, even though the estimate was 2 to 3 weeks! I’m really excited for them to arrive – hopefully the room will be less drafty once they’re installed.

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One thought on “Shades for the Master Bedroom

  1. Kelli says:

    These are exactly what I want to get for our bedrooms. Our house is all on one floor and I’d like to have the privacy of having the shades, but have the light coming through the top so we don’t have to have the curtains closed all the time. Very nice!

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