Our Shades are Up!

The shades we ordered about a week and a half ago for the master bedroom and bathroom came last week. I was really impressed considering that the website said to expect a 2-3 week wait, but they shipped within 2 days! We started installing them last week and finished up this morning. I’m really excited to have them up – the bedroom has been noticeably colder since we took the old shades down for painting.

For the master bedroom, we ordered the standard room darkening Levelor cellular shades in a color called “Sand”. The color isn’t quite as good of a match to the wall color as I thought it would be, but it’s a pretty close match to the comforter so it still looks like we knew what we were doing when we ordered them. :) Here are some pictures:Bedroom Shades

Bedroom Shades

In the master bathroom, we chose a light filtering cellular shade in the same “Sand” color. Even though they’re the same color, they don’t really look like a match. The room darkening ones are so much more opaque, so the color looks really solid. On the light filtering one, it’s a lot more variegated. It’s fine for our application since they’re in two different rooms, but they’re definitely not a close enough match to put them in a space where you’ll see both and expect them to look the same. Here’s a photo of the new bathroom blind:

Bathroom shade

We opted for an inside mount to avoid covering up the trim, but I think if we had it to do again, we might have gone with an outside mount instead. Since our windows aren’t perfectly square, mounting the shades on the inside really brings out any imperfections. We still have one that we need to spend some time adjusting because it hangs a little crooked. We also had one window that was added after the house was built (when the sleeping porch was enclosed in the 50’s) and it’s trimmed out a little differently than the others in the room. We didn’t really pay attention to it when we were measuring for the shades, but when we went to hang the shade for that window this morning, we realized that there was no clear place to put the mounting brackets on the inside of the window without damaging the trim. So, we just mounted it on the outside instead. It looks fine except that it’s a little narrower than we would have ordered had we been intending to do an outside mount. Eventually, we’ll probably put up some drapery panels, and by the time those go up, I’m sure it won’t be noticeable. If we had it to do again, though, planning on an outside mount would have been a much easier approach!

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