New Outlet Covers!

This morning I spent about an hour replacing about 30 outlet and light switch covers in our master bedroom, master bathroom, and sun room. It sounds like a silly thing to think about replacing, but it made such a difference – in the bedroom especially.

The master bedroom and bathroom (and also the kitchen, hallway, and third floor) had oak outlet covers when we moved in. I’m not a big fan of the wood finish since it’s such a contrast to the paint, but I’ve felt kind of guilty about replacing them with the standard $.39 variety since I know the oak ones are probably about $7 a piece new. Since we’ve painted the bedroom, though, I keep thinking how much more I’d like it without the wood outlet covers, so I finally broke down and spent a whopping $13.00 at Lowe’s last night to buy plain cream ones, which I installed this morning. Here are before and after photos:


Outlet covers before


Outlet covers after

I’m happy with the way the standard covers look, but I’m not sure what to do with the nice wood ones we took off. So, if anyone happens to be in the market for some oak light switch and outlet covers, I can make you a great deal! We’ve got about a dozen outlet covers, 3 switch covers, and another 3 with the rectangular cut-out for GFCI outlets, etc.

In the sun room, the outlet covers had been wallpapered and still had a bunch of glue on them, so I figured they could stand an update while I was at it. There’s really not much of a difference in how they look until you get up close and notice that the new ones aren’t sticky, but I’m still glad to have that crossed off my list of things to do. Here’s the “after” photo:

Sun Room Outlet Covers

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