More Carpet Samples

We stopped at the carpet store again this weekend to look for more carpet samples that might be closer to what we were thinking for our master bedroom. We spent a lot more time looking through all of the different samples this time and I’m completely amazed by the number of frieze samples they had. I guess that must be the new big thing in carpet. The frieze samples the sales lady sent home with us last weekend were really rough feeling and rather messy looking … we weren’t fans. But, when we started to look today, we noticed that there’s really a wide variety of options, some of which are nothing like the samples we brought home last week.

We came home with three more samples to look at this week … all of which are considered frieze. Here’s a picture of a couple of them:

Master Bedroom Carpet Samples

The one on the right is a really close color match to the walls, which I thought would be a good thing until I got it home and now I think it’s all going to blend way too much and make everything that doesn’t match exactly (like the blinds and comforter) look yellow-y. The one on the left is kind of a mix between the wall color and the shade color, so it picks up some of both. Right now, I think that might be a better option, but I’m still kind of confused. There are just so many options! The third sample we brought home was more for the texture since the sample itself is kind of a blue-y green color. Texture-wise, I think any of them would be ok … and they’re all available in colors that would probably work. It just seems like this is one case where life would be so much easier if there weren’t so many choices!

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