We stopped at the carpet store today and picked up a couple of samples for the master bedroom. I went into the store thinking I was interested in what they’re calling “textured” carpet. Since we don’t have a lot of furniture for the room, I thought having a neutral textured carpet would provide some interest (without being as bold as what we have now), but when we started looking at them more closely, they felt really coarse and seemed more like something that could belong in a hotel room rather than in our bedroom. So, the lady at the carpet store suggested we look at a couple of frieze and plush samples instead.

Here are some pictures of the samples she sent home with us:

carpet samples 1

carpet samples 2

I think the colors of the frieze carpet (the top picture) probably all go pretty well with the paint and the color of the hall carpet, but I’m not sure if I’m sold on frieze. The colors of the plush carpet don’t seem to go as well, but I like the texture better (it feels a lot softer) and I like the idea of getting one that has flecks of other colors in it to add a little interest. So, it looks like we’ll be heading back to the carpet store to pick up some more samples sometime later this week, but at least we’ve got a start toward picking it out.

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One thought on “Master Bedroom Carpet Samples

  1. Kelli says:

    I am so hopeless at picking out things like paint and carpet. It’s really cool that they send home large samples for you to try in your home. I’ll have to look for something like that when it’s time for me to put my house back together. That said, I worry the carpet in the bottom picture might look… dirty… even when it’s clean. I love the top ones though. Have fun choosing!

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