Painting Starts Tomorrow!

Our painter stopped by yesterday and he’s ready to start painting our master bedroom suite and sun room tomorrow! He’s going to paint the trim in our master bedroom and bathroom the same shade of white as the rest of the house (it’s a more yellow-y shade now) and the walls are going to be the same tan-ish color that’s in our guest room. In the sun room, he’s going to paint the walls a darker shade of brown. I can’t wait to see what those rooms will look like with the new colors.

We spent today getting ready for the painting to start. We moved a bunch of furniture away from the walls, scrubbed them down a couple more times to try to get the excess wallpaper glue off, and took down some window treatments and other hardware. We also emptied out our bedroom closet and the linen closet in the bathroom. Our upstairs is a complete disaster now, but it will be worth it when the painting is all done at the end of the week.

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