There was an article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago about our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore location. That was the first we’d heard that there was anything like it in our area and we were excited to walk through the store/warehouse for the first time yesterday.

They had a really broad variety of stuff including lighting fixtures, cabinetry, hardware, etc. Some of the stuff was basically junk, but they also had some really beautiful solid wood doors and we were amazed by the selection of door knobs and cabinet hardware. Some of the items were brand new, donated by stores, and others had come out of homes as the result of remodeling. We came home empty handed, but that was mostly because we didn’t go looking for anything in particular. It’ll definitely be a great resource when we need to find things that match the original items in our house and it’ll also a good place to donate used building materials to when we start on remodeling projects in this house.

We’re excited to have a store like this in our area. It’ll be fun to see how their selection changes over time.

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