Bathroom Paint is Done!

The painter finished up with the final coat in the master bathroom yesterday. Here’s a couple pictures of what it looks like now:

Bathroom Paint 1
Bathroom Paint 2

The main wall color is a Sherwin Williams color called Sand Dune. It’s the same color that’s in our guest room and living room and it’s also going in our bedroom. On the paint chip and in all the other rooms, it’s a nice tan color, but I keep thinking it looks pink in the bathroom. It must have something to do with all of the green tile it’s up against. I’m hoping it will take on a more tan-ish hue when we get the rest of the bathroom put back together and get towels and a shower curtain in there.

We had a discussion with the painter a couple of days ago about the type of paint to use in the bathroom. The paint that was in there before was a semi-gloss finish, which probably wasn’t a bad choice considering that there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom and the walls get really wet when someone uses the shower, but we didn’t really like the way it looked. We have plans to install an exhaust fan in the spring when there’s no more snow or ice on the roof, but we still wanted to make sure that our paint selection will hold up ok to moisture. For the new paint, we chose to go with a satin finish instead. We like the way it looks on the walls a lot better than the semi gloss and the painter said it should hold up fine to the moisture. About the only downside is that covering the semi-gloss paint with a satin meant that he needed to use an oil base primer, which has turned out to be a little aromatic.

Eventually, I’d also like to install a new light fixture in the bathroom since the current one is rusted and maybe change some of the hardware. I’m excited to give it a face lift without doing a full-scale remodeling project.

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