After about three months of service calls on our furnace, we think it’s finally fixed!!! The service tech started by replacing the motor that failed a couple of weeks ago, but that made no difference. We were able to run the furnace again, but after about 40 minutes, the furnace shut off, flashing the pressure switch error code again.

A couple of visits later, he asked us to run the furnace for a few days with the front cover off of the unit. Since it’s sealed combustion, he said it wouldn’t cause any problems and it would allow the unit to vent better. Without the front cover, we couldn’t get the furnace to duplicate the problem.

Once we figured that out, the service tech came back to look at a few more things. He wound up calling Trane technical support and running a bunch of diagnostics on the furnace. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it except that the gas pressure was a little high. He lowered it so the furnace wouldn’t burn so hot and then he increased the fan speed to move more air thru the unit. The combined effect is that there isn’t as great of a heat build up inside the unit. After making these adjustments, we’ve been able to run the furnace with the cover on for several days without having any pressure switch errors!

The only downside is that the furnace seems to be running a lot more. We aren’t sure how much of it is because of the recent cold snap and how much is caused by the lowered gas pressure. Hopefully we’ll find that the furnace runs much less next week when the weather warms up a bit.

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