Decorating the Sun Room

Shortly after we moved into our house last fall, we started the process of removing wallpaper in our new home. We started with the floral border in our bedroom, but never made it any further before the holiday season. Now, we’re starting a project to remove wallpaper, paint, and decorate our sun room. The plan is to strip the wallpaper in that room and then have someone come in to paint both the sun room and our bedroom at the same time.

Our plan is to use the sun room as a family room since we don’t have another space for that on the main floor. Since it’s accessed from the formal living room and can be seen through the french doors, we want to make sure that whatever we do will coordinate with the living room. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks walking through furniture stores, trying to decide on a floor plan, and thinking about paint color selections.

Here are a couple of “before” pictures of our sun room as it is today:

Family Room “Before” 1

Family Room “Before” 2

And here’s the rendering of the room with the furniture layout and colors we’ve been thinking about:

Family Room Rendering 1

Family Room Rendering 2

We think we like the general flow of the room since all four of the doorways are fully accessible (something that’s more difficult than it sounds with so many doorways in such a long and narrow room). We also like that the TV can’t be seen from the more formal living room. One thing we weren’t sure about is blocking the windows with the couch and tables, but the more we’ve thought about it, we think we’ve actually got a better view out of the doors on either end of the room with the couch against the window wall … and it seems to be the only way to get the flow of the room to really work.

The software I used to do the rendering (Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer) is great for figuring out size-wise what will fit, but I haven’t figured out how to pick custom colors and textures for the furniture, so visualizing colors and fabrics is still a challenge. I think it’s still definitely worth the time to do the model, though, because it turns out that the layout we thought we’d like just wouldn’t work at all!

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One thought on “Decorating the Sun Room

  1. Jennifer says:

    I like the layout and colors. Good idea to not have the TV visible from the living room! I think keeping the doors open is much more important than the windows.

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