The Bat Invasion

Since moving in to our new house, we’ve had a couple of encounters with various creatures wanting to enjoy our home with us (see post: Things That Go “Bump” in the Night). The week before Christmas, the saga continued when we found a bat swooping around in the stair well while we were getting ready for work one morning.

Our first attempt to catch him involved putting a laundry basket over him while he was laying on the hallway floor. Unfortunately, by the time we came up with the idea of using a laundry basket and located an empty one, he was on the go. When we found him again, he was laying on the corner of the crown molding in our dining room. So, we opened all of the doors and started poking him with the end of a broom hoping he would take flight so we could shoo him outside. Unfortunately, all of the poking caused him to squeak a few times, but we couldn’t get him to move. Based on his lack of activity, we think he must of been sick. We finally got him out by climbing on a step stool, picking him up (wearing gloves, of course), putting him in an empty coffee can, and releasing him far away from our house.

I just hope he didn’t leave behind too many friends that think it will be a good idea to try to move in with us. Looks like we might have to consider bat-proofing our house …

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