When moving into a different home, there’s always a new set of noises to get used to. The first couple of nights we stayed in this house, I don’t think we would have slept at all had we not been so exhausted from moving. Since then, though, we’ve gotten more accustomed to the sounds that go with our century old home, we’ve learned to sleep through trains, and started to get a feel for what’s the wind rather than would-be-burglars. Having said that, last night was full of things that go “bump” in the night.

It started about an hour after we went to bed with some critter trying to find shelter between the window air conditioner and its cover. It sounded something like a bird, but we never did see it. We pounded on the wall and got out flash lights trying to figure out what was making such a ruckus, but we never caught a glimpse of it. After we finally got back to sleep following the bird-in-the-air-conditioner incident, we woke up again to some scurrying, flapping, and squeaking noises in the attic over our bed. We weren’t brave enough to open the attic access panel in the middle of the night to see what type of creature it might be, but we’re suspicious of bats. Ug. And then at about 4:00 this morning an animal of some type was making a horrible screeching noise right outside our bedroom window. Scary … until we realized it was outside. I’m pretty convinced, though, that the woodland creatures have decided it’s time to gang up on us.

Most of last night’s issues seem to be temporary in nature, with the exception of the bats in the attic. So now, we’re trying to figure out what to do with bats. The option of trying to get up in the attic with a butterfly net to go after them doesn’t sound so appealing. We’re thinking there’s got to be an easier way, but when I looked at the super market tonight, I couldn’t find any “pest control” items for bats. Has anyone had any luck with anything other than a broom or a net? I’d really love to get them out and not have to be woken up by this again!

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  1. thatssocute says:

    Sounds like you have a real poltergeist in your home!

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