Wallpaper – when is it ever a good idea? It doesn’t matter what the pattern is – it’s going to go out of style and, even when in style, it’s such a matter of personal taste. What I dislike about it most is that removal is no small task. Best case, it’s hours of tedious mind-numbing work. Worst case, it’s hours of tedious mind-numbing work followed by the dilemma of what to do with permanently scarred walls. I just hate it. And yet, we just purchased a house with several rooms of floor to ceiling wallpaper that coordinates beautifully, but still wouldn’t be my pick.

So, last week, we decided to start wallpaper removal efforts with the floral border in the master bedroom and bathroom. The plan is to start in a less visible area so we can figure out how difficult it’s going to be to remove wall paper from a plastered wall before we tackle the much more public areas on the main floor. Besides this, the wallpaper in the master bedroom was probably the most dated in the house … the perfect place to start.

Here are some before and after photos:


Before Bedroom Wallpaper Removal


After Bedroom Wallpaper Removal

Fortunately for us, the wallpaper in the bedroom turned out to be strippable (infinitely easier to remove than the alternative) and the wall surface underneath was not horribly damaged, so we think we’ll be able to get away with just a coat of paint. I hope the same is true for the floor-to-ceiling wallpaper in the dining room and sunroom! Now we just need to pick out a paint color … and maybe some new flooring … and a new bedspread …

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  1. Maya says:

    Try the easy way first: wet a sponge, soak an area of wall paper and strip it off with a wall paper stripping knife. Mine came off like a charm!
    Check it out:

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