When we bought this house, the real estate listing for it said that there was a view of the Mississippi river possible, but when we came to walk through the house, we weren’t able to see much of it. We could get a couple glimpses of it through the trees in the back yard, but it wasn’t anything we would really classify as a view.

Since we moved in, though, we’ve noticed a significant change in what we can see through the trees … every day the view increases. Here are some pictures from when we moved in three weeks ago and what it looks like now. It’s been quite a change!

River View

Even though we’re nearing the end of October, most of our trees haven’t really dropped a lot of their leaves … the leaves haven’t even really started to change colors yet. We can’t wait to see what our view is going to be like this winter when there are no leaves left on the trees. Depending on how good it is, we might have to consider thinning out the trees in the back so we can enjoy it year round.

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