We’re not sure if it really qualifies, but we completed our first “project” of replacing a couple of toilet seats this week.

We have two “twin” bathrooms that are decorated identically, right down to the matching wooden toilet seats. It’s probably completely mental, but I’ve have an issue with wood in that location. It just seems like they’d have the same problem as wooden cutting boards and never really get completely clean or disinfected. I’m also not crazy about how they look … so, it was an easy decision to replace them with new, clean, white ones.

New Toilet Seats

They were quick and easy to install … now the only problem is that we discovered (after we got the new toilet seats home and opened) our two nearly identical bathrooms have non matching white and beige toilets … and both now have lovely white toilet seats. Even though the toilet in the laundry room bath still doesn’t match its seat, we think it’s a definite improvement!

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