We just heard back from the swimming pool inspector with the inspection results – so far so good. The inspection was performed by a local company (Pete’s Pool Service) and they charged $65. Pete indicated that the pool is in good working condition and he didn’t find anything wrong with it. The liner has been replaced within the last 2 years and the heater is new. There don’t appear to be any problems with the pump or filter system and there aren’t any leaks in the pool. He also checked the cleaning equipment they had near the pool (the pole/net, etc.) and found no problems with what they’re using, but noticed the lack of a vacuum hose and couldn’t find the winter pool cover. I think we’ll probably check with the real estate agent to see if she can find out for us whether the current owners have either of these items and what type they have. (We’re suspicious that they have hired a pool service to do the maintenance on their pool and may not own their own equipment.) Hopefully there won’t be any major expenses in purchasing or replacing anything that won’t come with the pool.

Pete also offered to train us in swimming pool maintenance once we move in, which is certainly something we’ll need. We’re hoping that (since we’re closing at the end of October), the pool will already be closed for the season when we move in so we won’t have to do anything for the first few months, but we’ll definitely be giving him a call come next summer.

We’ll be getting a formal written report in the next few days that will outline all of the details of the inspection, but from this afternoon’s phone conversation, it sounds like everything is in order. I hope Monday’s whole house & pest inspection results are just as positive!

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